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Make all the choices!  Design the total look!  Possibilities are endless!          Black Distressed Wooden Frame ~ Large Black/White Damask Patterned Fabric ~ Red Thread ~ Lawren Monogram Font… Wow!  Strong & Bold with flair!  Tons of other possibilities…  Seaside Colors & Patterns ~ Favorite Sports/School Color Combinations ~ Muted & Quiet Bedroom Hues ~ Bright & Energetic Pinks/Greens ~ Babies Nursery

We are so excited about the quality.  So often we buy things without a thought about where or how it is made.  Mae & Me is a small privately owned home business.  It is rewarding to actually hand make such an awesome product.  Each one is custom & that means each finished product is one-of-a-kind!  You make the choices & we put it all together!  All the work is done right here in Wallace, NC ~ one step at a time.

The Custom Framed Monogram is our newest & latest!

Please let us know what you think!