A beautiful thunderstorm.

Watching a seagull soar against the wind.

A quiet sunset.

I love you.


Genuine laughter.

It seems as my heart is so taken by the smallest of things! Think of all the little moments taking up so much room. Listen… Winnie the Pooh talking to Piglet & explaining this concept as fact.  And it is fact!  Simply a fact!  Open your heart & let the smallest of things in…  recognize them…   & keep them forever!


Hats on for Summer!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun & Fun….  yes you must have a hat!  The Casual Visor is perfect for beach, pool or boating.  If the wind is whipping the velcro closure helps the visor stay tight.  The Floppy Sun Hat adds a little wow!  Beautiful colors & stylish with a flexible wide brim.  Easy to manipulate so that one side sits higher than another. The  Bow-Back Visor rolls up for handy stowing in a bag or suitcase.  It also offers velcro back closure for fully adjustable fit.  Sun protection plus grand retro glamour!  Super way to keep your cool. Great texture & an ‘expensive’ look without the high price tag. The Floppy Sun Hat & Bow-Back Visor hold great form.  Three hat choices… one is certain to be perfect for you!  Great colors & your choice of monogram!

Carolina Strawberry Festival



Saturday ~ May 12 ~ Carolina Strawberry Festival in Downtown Wallace, NC!

Last year there we 12.000 people & we can’t wait to see what this year brings.  Mae & Me Designs will be present @ Cavenaugh’s!  ~ Be sure to drop by & enjoy a bit of air-conditioning & water.  Last year was totally hot hot but this year is supposed to be a little more mild!  We are so anticipating lots of visiting & seeing what downtown has to offer.  It is so exciting to see the community work positively together to accomplish such a fun event.

Official Carolina Strawberry Festival Outfitter ~ Cavenaugh’s

Come by & get your T-shirts / Tote Bags / Hats / Visors


Think Summer!

So many ways to say here comes SUMMER!!!  Awesome Circle Script Monogram on a  Reisenthel colorful patterned bag ~ Great for a Teachers Gift / Birthday Surprise /  Brides Gift / Mother’s Day ~ Don’t let your imagination stand in the way!  Who would have thought this light pink thread would have looked so fab?  The Circle Script Monogram is new & very popular.


Circle Script Monogram

Be sure to check out Mae & Me Designs!  We have been crazy busy but constantly thinking of new designs & ideas.  Let us hear from you ~ LSW