•Our goal is to enjoy producing great gifts that just make YOU smile.
•YOU should be given the ability to personalize YOUR unique item choices.
•This vision combines embroidery, sewing, creative patterns & luxurious products.
•What style do YOU want?
•What shows YOUR personality?
•What makes YOU smile?
•What simply makes YOU feel good?
•Mae & Me Designs values exceptional quality & extraordinary ideas.
•Trusted by YOU to work with YOU in making the perfect choice.
•Mae & Me Designs will prove how much fun YOU can have ordering on-line.
•Go ahead ~ use YOUR imagination.
•Mae & Me Designs promises YOU to do their best.
•Mae & Me Designs is in memory of Hattie Mae Stephenson.
•Mae & Me is all about YOU!

Mae & Me Designs is a small business with BIG ideas!

The website is a “design your own” dream come true!

We are Mae & Me Designs ~ Leah Wallace & Erin Van Gorder

Visit us by clicking on any of the links below :

Mae & Me Designs




Dreamers Into Doers


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