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OK ~ So this picture is taken in mid winter & cooler weather.  Now in the South the weather has definitely taken a turn!  Everywhere you look there are yellow-bells, blooming azaleas & green green grass!  The trees are beautiful.  This also means pollen!  Our cars have been covered with the fine yellow powder.  The porches are covered too!  Sooooooooooooo… power washer!  I love the physical fun of man-handling the contraption all around the yard & house with the final result being perfectly clean including the smell of clorox!  Muscles I didn’t know I had now ache.  The gratification of a job well done is satisfying & a little exhausting!!!!

My porches are ready for…

monogrammed outdoor pillows

  scatter cloths


I am now making the decisions about color & pattern.  I am thinking to jump out of my normal comfort zone & go for more jazzy green & maybe purple?  The glory of this is I can tie in a burst of bold or subtle inspiration.  A bench with a cushion ~ a light with accent ribbon ~ a colorful framed chalkboard ~ a monogrammed fleur de lis ~ the oh-so-perfect pattern!

I have a little time though as the pollen is still settling all around me!  At least now just a quick sweep or gentle water is doing the trick.  Also, the rockers on the front are having a major overhaul with sandpaper & paint!  Hopefully soon…. the colors of Spring, fabric, monogram & fresh paint will make an awesome picture to share!