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Another thought for carrying around all that stuff!  Reisenthel CarryBag XS  Perfect for cosmetics, coupons, medicine, toys, movies, art supplies, snacks… my sister even has one for her little doggie (Mollie) treats & food!  Nana plans to use hers for Bible Study.  It is a great size & fun colors.

I could not resist putting up the picture to show the Circle Script Monogram.

Organization is always a quest!  I promise the Reisenthel CarryBags truly help!!!!  I can not believe how easy it is to grab & go with everything right in there.  They have been imitated but Reisenthel is the best quality ever.  Sturdy / Colorful / Easy!

 Take it anywhere & everywhere.


Custom Framed Monogram


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Make all the choices!  Design the total look!  Possibilities are endless!          Black Distressed Wooden Frame ~ Large Black/White Damask Patterned Fabric ~ Red Thread ~ Lawren Monogram Font… Wow!  Strong & Bold with flair!  Tons of other possibilities…  Seaside Colors & Patterns ~ Favorite Sports/School Color Combinations ~ Muted & Quiet Bedroom Hues ~ Bright & Energetic Pinks/Greens ~ Babies Nursery

We are so excited about the quality.  So often we buy things without a thought about where or how it is made.  Mae & Me is a small privately owned home business.  It is rewarding to actually hand make such an awesome product.  Each one is custom & that means each finished product is one-of-a-kind!  You make the choices & we put it all together!  All the work is done right here in Wallace, NC ~ one step at a time.

The Custom Framed Monogram is our newest & latest!

Please let us know what you think!



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OK ~ So this picture is taken in mid winter & cooler weather.  Now in the South the weather has definitely taken a turn!  Everywhere you look there are yellow-bells, blooming azaleas & green green grass!  The trees are beautiful.  This also means pollen!  Our cars have been covered with the fine yellow powder.  The porches are covered too!  Sooooooooooooo… power washer!  I love the physical fun of man-handling the contraption all around the yard & house with the final result being perfectly clean including the smell of clorox!  Muscles I didn’t know I had now ache.  The gratification of a job well done is satisfying & a little exhausting!!!!

My porches are ready for…

monogrammed outdoor pillows

  scatter cloths


I am now making the decisions about color & pattern.  I am thinking to jump out of my normal comfort zone & go for more jazzy green & maybe purple?  The glory of this is I can tie in a burst of bold or subtle inspiration.  A bench with a cushion ~ a light with accent ribbon ~ a colorful framed chalkboard ~ a monogrammed fleur de lis ~ the oh-so-perfect pattern!

I have a little time though as the pollen is still settling all around me!  At least now just a quick sweep or gentle water is doing the trick.  Also, the rockers on the front are having a major overhaul with sandpaper & paint!  Hopefully soon…. the colors of Spring, fabric, monogram & fresh paint will make an awesome picture to share!

Quotable 3/28/12


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Love it!  “When” is the important word here!  Important to be young in heart, mind & soul.  Pirates have the right idea of the carefree lifestyle!  Maybe today I will focus on deep-breathing with an added smile.

Framed Chalkboard

Accent Lamp

Reisenthel CarryBag

Quotable 3/20/12


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This quote made me think so much it is later in the evening than I expected! First & foremost, I try to live, love, listen & speak with patience, grace & humility.  The jist is do I practice pretense, dependence, defense & / or offence?

  • Am I pretentious?
  • Am I dependent?
  • Am I defensive?
  • Am I offensive?

 I have decided to take all of this in small bites of time instead of monthly, annually…  I thought has just today been a positive day?  Then I laughed remembering another little tidbit about a prayer giving thanks for God’s guidance ~ I remember it something like this but am putting in my thoughts about the quote…

“Thank you God for today & I was realistic, grounded, free thinking, accepting, open-minded, kind & gracious to others.  Thank you God for being my support  Thank you God for allowing me to live, love, listen & speak your truth.  And now I have to get up out of this bed & start my day!”

So often this is the way I wish it was!  I could start in reverse & go “without” all the issues that pile up during the day.  Add up a day + a month + a year + a past of negative… Give God the Glory as he is as forgiving as we are repentant!

My goal is to LIVE in the moment, LOVE through a giving heart, LISTEN with my mouth shut & SPEAK softly!