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This quote made me think so much it is later in the evening than I expected! First & foremost, I try to live, love, listen & speak with patience, grace & humility.  The jist is do I practice pretense, dependence, defense & / or offence?

  • Am I pretentious?
  • Am I dependent?
  • Am I defensive?
  • Am I offensive?

 I have decided to take all of this in small bites of time instead of monthly, annually…  I thought has just today been a positive day?  Then I laughed remembering another little tidbit about a prayer giving thanks for God’s guidance ~ I remember it something like this but am putting in my thoughts about the quote…

“Thank you God for today & I was realistic, grounded, free thinking, accepting, open-minded, kind & gracious to others.  Thank you God for being my support  Thank you God for allowing me to live, love, listen & speak your truth.  And now I have to get up out of this bed & start my day!”

So often this is the way I wish it was!  I could start in reverse & go “without” all the issues that pile up during the day.  Add up a day + a month + a year + a past of negative… Give God the Glory as he is as forgiving as we are repentant!

My goal is to LIVE in the moment, LOVE through a giving heart, LISTEN with my mouth shut & SPEAK softly!