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This quote really does not condone a lie!  I do believe one should always be truthful.  The fact of the matter is the truth is powerful… but let’s also consider embellishment of details to enhance a story as an art!  I was reminded of this powerful truth recently as friends & family gathered for the weekend & somewhere in the midst of all the enjoyment…  well let’s just say there was a lot of art happening.  The stories were amazing! Most were retold from years past ~  Each & every account was humorous, entertaining & contained 100% truth?  The laughter, love & friendship was evident but the evidence of truth at best… lacking!  I will also add, all stories about me were definitely not true!  As families & friendships grow the years seem to pile on…  the facts surrounding memories get shaded & fuzzy ~

Oh how much fun to relax & enjoy being together!  I needed the laughter!  I needed the being lost in the moment… lost to the memories… I needed the comfort of love & laughter!

By the way, the quote for today was penned by my Mother!  The infamous MeMa loves to tell a good one!  She does not take kindly to being corrected about the year, which child or any other specific detail.  MeMa recently reminded us “Why (really drawn out), I would never let the truth get in the way of a good story!”  According to her grandsons, “MeMa knows everything & what she does not know she makes up real good!”

Thank goodness for my Mother & our times together ~ priceless!

Thank goodness for family & friendship!

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