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Saying on chalkboard

My mother always told me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!”  Very often this has left me speechless! Ha Ha!  Or better yet it has helped me with the phrase, “I’ve never regretted anything I didn’t say!” Ponder this: If it wasn’t nice & I didn’t say it, I don’t have to regret it.” Wow… my mother is a smart woman & I’m just now figuring that out????  So many times I speak quickly & without much thought or rationality & WHAM I’m in a bad spot!  Now I am going to try & “taste” my words before spitting them out!  Let’s see how that goes!

Today’s quote is on the smaller chalkboard with a lime green frame.  The chalkboards are truly versatile.  You can display on an easel or hang on the wall.  I can not describe the quality enough ~ awesome custom framing with 100% distressed wood.  Beautiful accent ~ The wine bottle lights add character & interest.  M&M makes both these products.  The embossing on the bottles is done by hand.  Unbelievable the love & care that goes into making these products!  It is so much fun & we love when an idea comes together into an awesome finished product.  I get so excited about all the designs.  I just love Mae & Me Designs!