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Mae & Me Designs is offering so many fabulous fabrics!  We can add fabric to almost anything or make anything out of fabric.  On the website a few of the products have fabric menu options ~ we are constantly working to put the fabrics into more of the products but as for now we are just getting started!  The fabric menus can be found under Monogrammed Pillows, Floor Cloths, Anne Belt & Center Monogrammed Pillow.  We have Laminated Fabrics, Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics & Indoor Fabrics.  We can get whatever your heart desires.  If you see a fabric pattern you like but the color is not your preference just e-mail us & we’ll send you more choices!  I bet we can find the exact pattern but in your color palate!  Look at the picture of the Indoor Fabrics & imagine!  You’ll see bold stripes, fun fflorals & brite colors!  We are so excited to be able to offer custom sewing with fabric.  We create as we sew & want to know what you like ~ so give us a comment!

Click around our website & we can’t wait to hear from you!